Monday, November 12, 2007

Yummy Pancakes and Not-so-yummy Muffins

Bobs Red Mill GF Pancake Mix is AWESOME! My husband made a big batch last night for dinner and it was super with some Earth Balance and some Maple Syrup.

I am so happy with the options that are out there, althought it appears our grocery budget is going to rise significantly.

I also did my first GF baking - Banana Muffins. They did not turn out so well. I triple-checked the ingredients - I think I got all those right but mine did not turn out so well. I figure it is something I did, as the ones posed on GingerLemonGirl look totally different than mine. Hers rose really tall and look like they browned a bit and mine are very short and pale and taste a bit chalky.

Maybe I should stick to mixes for a while!


Carrie said...

Tamara! I feel terrible!! I hope you'll email me because I'd really like to know how you made the muffins! Mine turn out like that picture nearly every time! Exactly what flours did you use? Are you sure it was just as the recipe stated?? I wish I could sit down in your kitchen and make them with you!! They really are good!!

Tamara said...

I just can't figure out what I did wrong here. It is frustrating because it makes me afraid to try baking again. I don't want to keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

I just realized what it could have been, I guess I need to look for information on dairy-free baking. I did have to use rice milk instead of actual milk as I am off dairy as well as gluten. This was also my first time cooking and making that substitution.

I can't think of what else it could have been. The only other sub was the brown sugar as I have to agave nectar.