Monday, November 26, 2007

Gluten-Free Products at Kroger Stores (QFC, Fred Meyer)

Kroger's website has some good info on eating gluten-free

Live Well with Gluten-Free Foods
Products with no Gluten‐Containing Ingredients
Gluten-Free Resources

Kroger Brands are :
Kroger Private Label Products. Kroger Private Labels include the Kroger® , Private Selection®, Naturally Preferred®, Value™, Fred Meyer®, Ralphs®, Food 4 Less®, King Soopers®, Buena Comida®, City Market®, Fry’s®, QFC®, Smith’s®, Dillons® , and First Choice® brands.

The number to call to ask about Kroger brand products - 1-800-576-4377. It's a good idea to have the UPC handy.

Updated: I found this new number that I think might be a better one to call.
We are continually updating this information and encourage customers to
call the Kroger Registered Dietitians available to answer questions regarding gluten in Kroger products at 1-866-632-6900.

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Carrie said...

About the cornbread Tamara -- You can try this recipe with whatever milk substitute you have!! ANY should work! And instead of using sour cream or yogurt, use a soy based yogurt, or a rice or almond yogurt! IF you try it with those things, I'll try it with those alternatives as well and see how it works! We can compare our results! I think it would work out great with soy milk, or a nut or rice milk, and a soy based yogurt product!