Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day Two

Breakfast was more gorilla munch.

Lunch was at Baja Fresh. I already had this lunch planned before I "got the news" so I went ahead and went. I am really bad at being assertive and typically just go with the flow so of course I am not sure if what I got was actually gluten-free or not. I know I need to be more careful but I hate being "difficult." There was certainly no obvious gluten or dairy and I managed to control myself and not sneak bites of my son's quesadilla.

Of course, I was still hungry, which seems to be a constant with me so I had an apple when I got home. Then I was still hungry so I had another snack of a Larabar. Fortunately, I already had these as I liked them for a snack even before I went GF.

Dinner was actually really good, and I think I was totally full for the first time since this all started. I had a whole bunch of Tinkyada white rice pasta with clams and garlic and some broccoli. It was great and I ate way too much.

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