Sunday, November 18, 2007

Gluten-Free Dining Out Experiences

Well, we have dined out at 2 restaurants that offer gluten-free menus. It is of course further complicated by having to avoid dairy as well but overall the expereince went well.

The two places we have dined are Pf Changs and Lombardis We were please with how kind and helpful the staff was in both cases. The menu at Lombardi's turned out to be pretty limited when considering both gluten and dairy. The PF Changs menu had more options.

On a sad note, my dear husband dropped by our favorite Thai restaurant to ask what I might could eat there and did not come away with much. Although they were kind and helpful, it seems most all is cooked in butter and all those yummy curry sauces have not just coconut milk but half-n-half as well. No wonder they are so tasty.....

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