Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cooking Gluten-Free

It is amazing how much work it takes! I went through my standard recipes and picked a couple that were already gluten-free or seemed like they would be close to make this week. But then starts the job of working through each ingredient to make sure they don't contain any suspect ingredients.

I know things are supposed to be labeled if they contain wheat, but I don't think there is a requirement for gluten to be listed from another source.

Today I wanted to use Swansons Natural Goodness Chicken Broth. I looked up dextrose and autolyzed yeast extract (the two unknowns I noticed on the label) and if this site on the internet is correct,they should both be gluten-free. So I went ahead and made dinner and it is cooking in the oven now.

But now as I look back through the ingredients on the broth, I see "flavorings" and I have no idea what that is either or if I should be concerned for that or not. Aggh!

Update: I called the manufacturer (campbells) and gave them the barcode # and was told that the broth is GF. Yeah!


Daphne said...

I know that Pacific makes an organic chicken broth that is gluten-free. I get mine by the case from Costco, but they also sell it at Whole Foods. Its really good stuff to, not quite as salty as Swansons. Oh and I have some suggestions of GF flours NOT to use because they were tragically horrible.

Carrie said...

Tamara, I am SO sorry your muffins didn't turn out! I would really like to hear more about how you made the muffins to see if I can help you figure out what went wrong! GF baking, especially the first time is HARD!!! My first cupcakes (which were my first baked item) turned out HORRIBLE!! But I can't imagine how you can go wrong with this banana muffin recipe! I'll probably make another batch this week. Please email me if you get a chance gingerlemon_girl(at)yahoo(dot)com. I would really love to talk with you more!

missbecky75 said...

In my dairy-free quest, I ran across this site:

Apparently it sells a book that tells you what products are gluten-free. Just thought you might like to look into it further...

Hope all is going well!
Becky @ Boys Rule My Life