Thursday, July 31, 2008

think Organic bars

Tried another bar for when we are on the go...

Not as happy with this one. I tried the apricot coconut one. It just wasn't very interesting.

I like the Boomi Bars and Lara Bars better. Plus this was really expensive where I bought it - like $2.50!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cooking Light June 2008 Recipe - Chipotle Salmon Burgers

I really enjoyed looking through the June issue - and I flagged a lot of things that happened to be GF, or could be with minimal effort.

These salmon burgers are GF as long as you leave off the bun. It was easy to whip up in the food processor. We liked them pretty well but did not think it was particularly exciting. I might increase the cilantro and green onions in the future.

In addition to the items mentioned, I also topped mine with avocado which I thought was a great addition.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

3 Grain Breakfast Porridge

I am still working on healthy breakfasts. I had a revelation the other day that I just need to come up with 2 breakfasts and then I can just alternate them. Then, if I am lucky and can add a third to the mix then I will really be doing well.

That will be a huge improvement from the standing at tha pantry groaning every morning.

I tried to make a porridge from millet, amaranth and quinoa but wasn't that crazy about it. I think it tasted just like quinoa and just didn't taste breakfasty, or any different from the quinoa I eat frequently at dinner.

Hmm! Maybe I will try it with just millet and amaranth....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boomi Bars

Wow! These Boomi Bars are GOOD!

I have tried two of the many varieties
  • Fruit and Nut
  • Maple Pecan

and I liked them both.

Both are free of soy, gluten and dairy - of course, and both tasted really nice.

I like that in addition to fruits, nuts and seeds, they also contain amaranth, which is supposed to be a really healthy grain.

The ones I bought initially were $2 each which is of course pricey. But I ordered some from the Boomi Bar website and they were a bit cheaper than that, even with shipping. In fact they have a flat shipping rate for the first 7 or so boxes so if you could find someone to split an order with, you could get it down even further.

Since I have 2 boxes now, I am going to have to be careful to make sure I ration them out over time, but I love having an option to keep in my purse for times I get hungry unexpectedly and also to take on hikes for when I need an energy boost!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Chebe Flatbread

This Chebe bread is pretty cool. I have only tried one kind - the flatbread - but I would definitely like to try the others - like pizza crust and cinnamon rolls!

That said, I am not quite certain it turned out right, as far as texture but the flavor was good and it was so nice to have something bread-like. It was VERY easy to make and didn't seem all that expensive for a specialty item of that kind.

I'll have to do some more research...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Peach Coconut Milk "Ice Cream"

I should have known it was too easy to be good!

I ran across a recipe for Peach Coconut Milk "Ice Cream" and I thought, "great, I have all the ingredients on hand." I should have stopped when I realized that the can of coconut milk I had was low-fat but I just steamrolled ahead. When I get an idea in my head, watch out!

Anyway, basically you blend up 2 cups fruit (I used Peach), and then add a can of coconut milk and put that mixture in the freezer for about an hour (according to the directions).

No go! I think it was mainly the lowfat coconut milk - the fat content was all wrong for a good freeze. It took way longer to even resemble frozen and when it did, it was icy.

Live and learn.... I may have to splurge for some of that coconut ice cream I have recently heard has popped up in the grocery store.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ragu Pasta Sauce

I have a bunch of jars of Ragu pasta sauce that I got at some point on a really good sale. Of course, they put SOYBEAN OIL in there. It is just becoming more and more clear that I need to make everything at home with multiple allergies to worry about. Fortunately, I had some homemade tomato sauce in my freezer I could pull out and use instead.

It is really better this way anyway, because when you cook at home:
  • your food contains less ingredients (you don't throw random things like soy lecithin or preservatives in your food)
  • you know what is in your food (you know the ingredients AND you actually know what it is - not some words you have never heard before)
  • you can control exactly what is in your food
  • you can make it the way you like it

That said, you will still see me buying some specialty allergen-free convenience food. I am still totally new to this restricted diet so I have a lot to learn about how to make some foods, especially baked items.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More Mayonnaise Drama

I may have to rename this blog "The Mayonnaise Chronicles"

Mayo appears to be my favorite topic, which is funny because I have never been a big mayonnaise fan. But for some reason I am eating more of it than usual. I think that since I am not eating bread or sandwiches, I am making more salads and some of them (chicken salad, potato salad) are mayo based.

Anyway, on my last trip to PCC I stopped in the mayonnaise section to get the Spectrum Canola Mayo I have bought before. As always, I reviewed the labeling and noticed it did not say Gluten-Free. I had a little moment of stress there in the aisle. I could not remember if I had verified it was GF or not.

I bought it anyway and headed home. At home, I checked my old almost empty jar and it says GF. Now I was really worried. Maybe they had realized they were not actually GF and removed it from the packaging. Oh no! So off I went to their website and here is what I found:

Are Spectrum's Mayonnaise products gluten-free?

All of Spectrum's Mayonnaise and Mayonnaise products are gluten free, and our new labels are marked 'Gluten Free.'

While all of Spectrum's Mayonnaise and Mayo products contain white vinegar derived from corn and rye, the gluten is removed while distilling the alcohol. The mixture of grains - the mash - that has fermented is heated. The gluten stays in the tank while the alcohol is distilled and then rectified. Due to consumer inquiries, we also had a gluten analysis done and no gluten was found in the alcohol.


Whew! Not sure how I ended up with one not labeled GF since the date is later than my old jar but looks like I am safe. I can continue eating Spectrum Canola Mayonnaise as a gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free choice!