Saturday, November 3, 2007

Other Gluten-Free Blogs

I am beginning my research into gluten-free foods. Collecting up a list of gluten free blogs:

Simply Recipes Spotlights Gluten-Free
Fat Free Vegan's Gluten Free Recipes

Hmm... I guess I will stop there for now. Those were to top hits in my live search for "gluten-free" blog. There really are so many more, so I guess I need to just start picking through them to see which ones I like.

I have already been reading which I ran across long before I knew I would need it because I was looking for Seattle area bloggers. I also already read the first 2 blogs listed above. Those posts listed above list lots of gluten-free recipes plus other resources to find more information.

I am excited there is so much information out there although it is a bit overwhelming. I need help figuring out the little things like what to have for dinner TONIGHT!

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Suzanne said...

Hi there! Best of luck with the GF lifestyle and your blog! Everyday you'll find new, helpful information out there!