Friday, June 27, 2008

Trader Joe's Gluten Free Brownie Baking Mix

I was very excited to see on another blog that Trader Joes has a gluten free brownie mix now. Last time I was there I picked up one. The 1 pound bag was $2.99 and I was so excited that that was so much less than what I have paid for any other gluten free baking mix. Then I realized it was actually a good bit smaller in size.

I paid around $6.50 for the Namaste Brownie Mix (at Fred Meyer) I made last week but it is actually a 2 pound bag. So twice as much mix for just a little more than twice the price.

And I liked the Namaste one better. My test is not very good because I accidently overcooked the Trader Joes batch. They are definitely very similar (the ingredients lists are almost identical) and both are fine. Both better than the others I have tried.

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Franca said...

Hi! I was wondering if you had tried Gluten-Free Pantry's Chocolate Truffle Brownie Mix. It is hard for me to imagine a better brownie so am reluctant to try the TJ's or Namaste mix, even though they have been highly recommended. I figure why mess with success? LOL! But am willing to be persuaded if you have tried the Gluten-Free Pantry ones and still like the others better.