Monday, May 19, 2008

Mary's Gone Crackers Won't Work For Me

The crackers I ate last time I was off gluten were Mary's Gone Crackers - Original. In fact, I still had some left in my pantry. I pulled them out to check and see if they would work.

But no - they contain soy (tamari for flavoring) I tried to look through their site to see if any of their varieties of gluten-fre crackers were also soy-free, dairy free but it was hard to navigate through. I guess I will try to take a look next time I am in the store. Unfortunately, I still have 1.5 boxes of these that I can't eat.


Carrie said...

Oh rats!! But don't worry! You can send them to me! I LOVE Mary's Gone Crackers!! ;-P

Mary Waldner said...

Hi Tamara and Carrie,

We do use a small amount of gluten-free tamari in our crackers, sorry. We do not use any dairy in our facility.
You may not know about our new product "Sticks & Twigs" which is available on our website and will be in stores soon. Right now there are 3 flavors--Curry, Chipotle-Tomato and Sea Salt. Only the Sea Salt flavor has tamari in it. The other two would work well. They are similar to the crackers in that they are all whole grains and seeds, no added oils, transfats, sugars, flours, etc. We use brown rice, red and white quinoa, millet, amaranth, flax, sesame, and chia seeds. Certified organic, kosher. These are in a stick form, kind of like a pretzel. Very crunchy and really good.
All the best,