Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chocolate Chips Containing Soy

When I was at Trader Joes last week, I was going to pick up some of their Semi-sweet chocolate chips. They do not contain dairy or gluten. I was just re-reviewing the ingredients as I put them in my cart and they contain soy lecithin - so back on the shelf they went.


Nellie said...

I totally understand your frusteration...when I figured out I was allergic to soy too I was so frusterated with the lack of chocolate chip options! (enjoy life does make some without soy lecithin.) Good news lectihin should not cause any reactions to a soy allergy. I've talked to many people and done lots of research about this issue and as the lecithin is fat based it generally causes no reaction or problems. I reincorporated soy lecithin into my diet (I'm a gluten-free chocolate fiend) and have been fine.
Hope that helps find more goodies to eat!

Jen said...

I recently found your blog! I have reacted to soy lecithin and have tested sensitive to soy in general. I have read a lot about differences between soy, and soy lecithin, but found a chocolate bar that could be broken into chunks for cookies that has NO SOY. It is made on equipment that also process peanuts, nuts and wheat though. Nestle, Chocolatier Decadent Dessert Baking Bar, Dark Chocolate 53% cacao. It is sweet enough for me to eat by itself (I love dark chocolate), and is big enough to use for a batch of cookies! I won't give these to my son who reacts strongly to gluten, but have eaten it myself (recently diagnosed sensitive to wheat). HTH!