Thursday, July 17, 2008

3 Grain Breakfast Porridge

I am still working on healthy breakfasts. I had a revelation the other day that I just need to come up with 2 breakfasts and then I can just alternate them. Then, if I am lucky and can add a third to the mix then I will really be doing well.

That will be a huge improvement from the standing at tha pantry groaning every morning.

I tried to make a porridge from millet, amaranth and quinoa but wasn't that crazy about it. I think it tasted just like quinoa and just didn't taste breakfasty, or any different from the quinoa I eat frequently at dinner.

Hmm! Maybe I will try it with just millet and amaranth....

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Ben said...

I make my own granola with quinoa as the base (instead of oatmeal).

If you'd like I can share the recipe.