Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More Mayonnaise Drama

I may have to rename this blog "The Mayonnaise Chronicles"

Mayo appears to be my favorite topic, which is funny because I have never been a big mayonnaise fan. But for some reason I am eating more of it than usual. I think that since I am not eating bread or sandwiches, I am making more salads and some of them (chicken salad, potato salad) are mayo based.

Anyway, on my last trip to PCC I stopped in the mayonnaise section to get the Spectrum Canola Mayo I have bought before. As always, I reviewed the labeling and noticed it did not say Gluten-Free. I had a little moment of stress there in the aisle. I could not remember if I had verified it was GF or not.

I bought it anyway and headed home. At home, I checked my old almost empty jar and it says GF. Now I was really worried. Maybe they had realized they were not actually GF and removed it from the packaging. Oh no! So off I went to their website and here is what I found:

Are Spectrum's Mayonnaise products gluten-free?

All of Spectrum's Mayonnaise and Mayonnaise products are gluten free, and our new labels are marked 'Gluten Free.'

While all of Spectrum's Mayonnaise and Mayo products contain white vinegar derived from corn and rye, the gluten is removed while distilling the alcohol. The mixture of grains - the mash - that has fermented is heated. The gluten stays in the tank while the alcohol is distilled and then rectified. Due to consumer inquiries, we also had a gluten analysis done and no gluten was found in the alcohol.

from: http://www.spectrumorganics.com/?id=15

Whew! Not sure how I ended up with one not labeled GF since the date is later than my old jar but looks like I am safe. I can continue eating Spectrum Canola Mayonnaise as a gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free choice!

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trrish said...

yay, thanks for posting this. I was just wondering whether their canola mayo really was GF, since some tests found some gluten antibodies running around in my system. I'll have to look elsewhere, which does make me happy. I did not want to give up my mayo.