Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boomi Bars

Wow! These Boomi Bars are GOOD!

I have tried two of the many varieties
  • Fruit and Nut
  • Maple Pecan

and I liked them both.

Both are free of soy, gluten and dairy - of course, and both tasted really nice.

I like that in addition to fruits, nuts and seeds, they also contain amaranth, which is supposed to be a really healthy grain.

The ones I bought initially were $2 each which is of course pricey. But I ordered some from the Boomi Bar website and they were a bit cheaper than that, even with shipping. In fact they have a flat shipping rate for the first 7 or so boxes so if you could find someone to split an order with, you could get it down even further.

Since I have 2 boxes now, I am going to have to be careful to make sure I ration them out over time, but I love having an option to keep in my purse for times I get hungry unexpectedly and also to take on hikes for when I need an energy boost!

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