Sunday, March 2, 2008

Eliminating Soy

I think I'll make my first soy-free menu plan for Wednesday since I am still eating up lots of leftovers living in my fridge. Right now I am just trying to be aware of where soy may be hiding in common foods. Note - my menus right now contain dairy and gluten as I try to figure things out!

Whole wheat toast with Natural Peanut Butter and Honey
*I make the bread myself so I know this is fine.

Chicken Salad and Green Salad with Annie's Goddess Dressing
*Same problem from yesterday with Mayo
*Also just now checked the dressing bottle (oops!) and it has soy sauce

Afternoon Baby Shower
*Hmm! I did not eat much but there may have been some soy hiding.

Sweet Potato Fries
*Made at home so know no soy!

I am definitely seeing a trend. How nice to make foods from scratch at home and know exactly what you are eating and be able to control it. I have some nice homemade dressing here too that I should have picked!

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Elissssabeth said...

The Hellmann's/Good Foods CANOLA mayo does not have soy!! :)

Or you can make it from scratch if you can get fresh-from-the-farm eggs...we can, but it is still a pain to make mayo when we need it so I buy the Canola for days I'm in a hurry...we don't eat much mayo and homemade mayo (=raw eggs) doesn't keep more than a week.