Thursday, March 27, 2008

Canned Tuna Fish Contains Soy!

I am so naive! I thought canned tuna fish contained tuna and water. Even after all this time of reading labels, I can't believe I am still so clueless to skip labels of things I assume I know what they contain.

We rarely eat tuna, but I had a few cans sitting around that I did not want to go to waste. I actually have 2 brands of White Albacore Tuna (Chicken of the Sea AND Bumble Bee) and they both have the same ingredient list:

Tuna, Water, Veg Broth (containing soy), Salt and Pyrophosphate

While I am on the subject of unwanted ingredients, what the heck is Pyrophosphate??

This does solve a problem for me though. Right after my son tested Negative for a fish allergy, I gave him some tuna and I thought he had a reaction. Duh! It was the soy. I had no idea so I ended up having him retested to clear tuna before he had any more fish. I totally missed that!


Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Oh, Wow! I just caught up on your dietary distress and boy, do I feel for you. I am so thankful our little guy is only allergic to dairy and that soy has not been a problem for us because you are absolutely right, it's either dairy or soy IN EVERYTHING!!!!!! Have you been in touch with "Cooking for Mara"? I believe she deals with both soy and dairy allergies?

Anyway, good luck! I'll be checking in on you again...

Julie B said...

yes, the soy in tuna is annoying! We did find a soy-free light tuna-I think its Wegman's brand but I'll have to double-check that.
The soy allergy is the worst...I think its the one thing I would love Mara to outgrow (and of course its the one she's most sensitive to) We have given up on almost all processed foods because of it.

Oh-and just an fyi...Ians makes fish sticks that are soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and free of a bunch of other allergens as well. My girls love them, and we always keep a box in the freezer for emergency quick meals :)

Gaile said...

Kirkland brand albacore tuna at costco has only tuna, water, and salt, and is much higher quality - and cheaper.

Anonymous said...

I just caught this board while searchin for gluten free tuna on the Web.
I had a reaction to tuna today at lunch - mild but unmistakable and I couldn't figure it out - never realized tuna contained gluten! I'll be on the lookout for gluten free - I'm so glad I came across your discussion!

Anonymous said...

4.18.09 - i just urchased Kirkland tuna fish from Costco - it contains white tuna, water, salt and PYROPHOSPHATE! FYI.

Anonymous said...

My daughter has a soy allergy, but loves tuna sandwiches! We found canned tuna @ Whole Foods and Trader Joes that does not contain soy. I've also recently found some at our local supermarket in the health food section. Food allergies are tricky & I feel your frustration, for sure! We have peanut, dairy and even gluten allergies even in our extended family. This means family get-togethers can prove to be interesting! Thankfully, there are more & more products available to those w/allergies. However, we've learned the hard way that just because a product is allergy free at one time, does not mean it will remain that way. We read food labels EVERY week. Ingredients change! Yikes!