Friday, December 14, 2007

Ok, I should have said "Not Much Sugar"

I had to laugh when I read back through my blog. Just before I declared I was "off sugar" I mentioned how I like my cornbread sweet and added a few tablespoons of SUGAR to the mix. Seems like someone is confused!

Well I am a bit, to be honest. My doctor suggested eliminating sugar and seeing what effect that might have on my health. But right now I am not really up for that, I don't believe. Sugar is in a fair number of things and I don't think I can add something else to my strict avoidance list.

So I have decided to "drastically reduce" my sugar intake. So in addition to bits of sugar here and there in products, and the sugar I added to the cornbread, I have only had one (large) marshmallow and no other sweets in 4 days.

Believe me, that is DRASTIC!!!!

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