Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hempmilk - another dairy alternative

I wanted to try another dairy alternative besides rice milk that was of course gluten-free as well. I looked through all the options and hempmilk was the only one I came up with. (I would have had more options but my son is allergic to nuts and soy so I don't like bringing it into my house)

I was nervous about whether or not I would like it so I bought the vanilla one. I think that was a bad choice. It is sooooo sweet - it tastes like melted ice cream. IF I decide to try this again, then I will try the original. I have no idea why they would make it so sweet. Surely the original would be better...


Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

I haven't tried (or seen) this one. How is it in the price comparison? I'm finding that the price of soy milk is making me drink less and use it more for just cooking.

Also, I won some coupons off ebay. If price is a concern for you, too, maybe they have rice milk coupons up for grabs? It's worth checking I suppose.

Either way, thanks for the update on an alternative. I might give it a try "just to see". :)

Julie B said...

We have switched over to hempmilk, and I love it! My youngest cannot have dairy, soy or gluten, so she drinks only hempmilk. She loves the vanilla, although I usually mix it with regular so it isn't so sweet (I don't want her to get too used to the sweetness that that is all she'll drink!) We use the regular for cooking, and it is so much better then the alternatives we were using!

I am glad I found your blog, as I am always looking for new recipes, etc. to feed my family!