Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gluten Free Product Reviews : Hot Cereal and Cornbread

I tried 2 new Bob's Red Mill products today. Both turned out pretty good, thankfully.

For breakfast I had the "Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal" which was pretty good. It was like the grits I am used to eating only more flavorful and more nutritious. I originally tried the sweet approach with some peach preserves and pecans but didn't like it much. Perhaps because of the similarity to grits, I prefered it the way I grew up eating them - with margarine, salt and pepper.

At dinner I made a vegetable stew in the crockpot and cornbread to go with it. Where I come from there may not be sugar in the grits but there certainly is sugar in the cornbread so I snuck in 3 tablespoons of sugar when mixing it up. This took a bit longer then it said to cook. I think I may have put it in an 8" pan instead of 9". I'll pay more attention next time! Overall I was pleased with this too.

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