Friday, February 22, 2008

Soy, Soy, Soy !

My doctor keeps telling me it would be a good idea to stop eating soy. To completely eliminate all soy from my diet. Ugh! I am really dragging my feet on that. As you know, right now I am eating an unrestricted diet and it is so nice. I think the worse part in dietary restrictions is going over to friends houses which I do pretty regularly. I hate not being able to participate along with everyone else.

We don't eat a lot of soy at home anyway as my son is allergic to soy so it would be pretty easy to implement at home.

A side note, the medicines I am taking do seem to be helping my stomach, I'll have follow-up tests next month.

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Carrie said...

I am trying to do this too. It's strange... foods made with soy powder, soy beans, etc... really bother me, yet for some reason wheat free soy sauce and tofu does not seem to have any effect (that I've noticed lately). I don't know if it is so processed by that point it doesn't affect me or what, but it is hard to get away from soy entirely!! You are doing a great job!