Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More on Default Dinners

I love my new Default Dinner list . I did not do a good job planning this week and I did not know what we were going to have for dinner tonight and the rest of the week. I don't really feel like going to the store today either.

So I browsed my default dinners blog entries and then took a peek in the freezer and pantry. Now I have a plan for tonight AND tomorrow night, using items that I already have on hand. Tonight we will have vegetable soup and tomorrow we will have pasta with clams. If I don't make it to the store in time, I think I will have what I need to make fried rice the day after that! So wonderful!

BTW, my doctor's appointment is not until next week and then I may be making some more diet changes. I have to admit, I am really enjoying my freedom right now!

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